Pochettino avoids the news of the favourites, throwing Leonardo to decide

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Mauricio Pochettino, Paris Saint-Germain coach Refrain from commenting on the case of being raise as a favorite. Manager of the new Manchester United team next season, saying the focus is 200% in the Parc des Princes. But if there will be a change of rights with the team Sports teacher Leonardo.

Pochettino is a top candidate that Board United are targeting alongside Erik ten Hag ( Ajax ) and Luis Enrique ( Spain ), and there is a trend that C. Unemploy manager Nedine Zidane has been lure into the Argentine boss’ position.

However, Poch still maintains that everything is a matter of the future. And a decision made by management led by the Brazilian sporting director.

Brazilian sporting director

” I don’t know , the decision is not up to me , ” said Cadena Ser .

“ Zidane is a great coach. You show it when you were in charge of Real Madrid. You can coach anywhere in the world. The add feature is French nationality – questions like these should be answer by the sports director or the president of the ufabet club . ”

As for the interest in the position of Real Madrid trainer or not in the future ? The 49 -year -old coach wants to climb step by step. just look at the present  

” I’m a step-by-step look like Cholo Simeone !” Pochettino teases the Atletico Madrid coach .  

“ I think people should be happy with the present. You shouldn’t look at things that haven’t happened yet. ” 

“ We have to be focus , focus on the work we are doing right now. As for football or other things that will arise from this, let’s talk about it. ”  

” We take responsibility for ourselves to the best of our ability, giving 100 per cent to the clubs we’re working on. And here at PSG we are 200% focus on making the club as happy as possible with their expectations. ” 

Pochettino ‘s contract expires in June 2023 , the same as Ten Hag’s. But the compensation is likely to be more expensive than the € 20 million.