Dionisi: Sassuolo should fight over time

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Sassuolo‘s coach Alessio Dionisi has pointed out that the team deserved to play in extra-time, but admitted Juventus did well in the second half of the Coppa game. Italia quarter-finals where teams lost 1-2

         Paolo Dybala had given Zébra the lead, but the visitors equalized from Hamed Traore until two minutes from time, Dusan Vlahovic deflected, Ruan Tressoldi diverted. It was a goal for “Zebra” to slash to win 2-1, which Dionisi regretted that the ufabet team should have fought in extra time.

         “Unfortunately, but I’m happy with the results of the team. Especially after the last away game,” said Dionisi. “We should have gotten more in the first half. The second half came back to play with their supporters and that pushed us to defend ourselves in our own half.

         “I think 1-1 was a fair result and it was good to fight in extra time. But we made a mistake with their goal.”

         “We’re here to play our game, we made some changes because Berardi and Traore have to play next weekend. But we are happy to play extra-time and I feel we deserve it as well.”

         “Juve deserve credit for pushing hard until the end and they benefited from the rippled ball.”